Pet Emergency Services

At Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital, we understand that emergencies can happen anytime. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding emergency pet care in Nixa, MO, and surrounding areas.

Pet Emergency Services in Nixa, MO

Our experienced veterinarians and staff are here to ensure that your pet receives the prompt and compassionate care they need during these critical moments.

a person touching a dog's head

Recognizing Pet Emergencies

If your pet is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, they may be experiencing a health emergency:

  • Acute abdominal swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Electric shock
  • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
  • Exhibits symptoms of heat stroke
  • Seizures
  • Sudden onset of weakness
  • Temperature above 104 degrees or below 100 degrees
  • Unable to urinate or defecate

Our Emergency Pet Services

At Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of emergency pet services to address various medical conditions and injuries. When your pet requires urgent medical attention, you can count on us to provide:

  • Prompt evaluation and triage by our skilled veterinary team
  • Diagnostic testing, including X-rays, blood work, and ultrasound
  • Emergency surgery, if necessary, can be performed in our state-of-the-art surgical suite
  • Pain management and supportive care to keep your pet comfortable
  • Continuous monitoring and follow-up care to ensure your pet’s recovery

Why Choose Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital for Emergency Pet Care

  • Experienced Veterinarians: Our veterinary team consists of highly skilled veterinarians with years of experience in emergency medicine.
  • Compassionate Care: We understand how stressful emergencies can be for both pets and their owners, which is why we prioritize compassionate care and clear communication.
  • Modern Facility: Our hospital is equipped with advanced medical technology and facilities to provide your pet with the highest standard of care.
  • Convenient Hours: We accept drop-off emergencies during normal office hours.

When to Seek Emergency Care for Your Pet

If you suspect your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Time is of the essence in these situations, and prompt medical attention can make all the difference in your pet’s outcome.