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As a full-service veterinary hospital, we’ve proudly provided exceptional care to the pets of Nixa, MO, since 1997.

We believe preventive care is the key to cats and dogs experiencing their highest quality of life. Our committed Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital team is community-driven — we see your precious pet as part of our family, too. Every member of our staff strives to go above and beyond to keep our pets and our people happy.

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Meet Our Veterinarians

Paul Robertson Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Paul Robertson

Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Paul Robertson believes he was born to be a veterinarian. “I knew that’s what I wanted to do for as long as I can remember,” he says.

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Growing up in Oklahoma City, Dr. Robertson enrolled at Oklahoma State University as a Physiology major and Chemistry minor. After earning his undergraduate degree in 1982, he spent the next four years working toward his doctorate in veterinary medicine. He was a member of Phi Zeta and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and he received a scholarship for his leadership, scholarship, and clinical proficiency.

Before becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Robertson volunteered on a dairy farm and with his veterinarian uncle. He worked for more than ten years as an associate veterinarian before opening Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital with his wife Christine in Spring 1997. Dr. Robertson is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and Missouri Veterinary Medical Association. His professional veterinary interests include feline medicine and preventative care. The most satisfying part of being a veterinarian, he says, is watching sick or injured animals recover and being a part of their lives.

Dr. Robertson and his wife share their home with two dogs (Cooper and Blue), five cats (Ming Ming, Squatter, Night, Winslow, and Otter) and horses. Together, the couple has two daughters. In his free time, Dr. Robertson enjoys hiking, boating, snorkeling, and traveling.

Jovana Pollock Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Jovana Pollock

Veterinarian & DVM

Dr. Jovana Pollock helped with the care of her family animals when she was a child growing up. When Dr. Pollock was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would always say, “vet”! There was never any other option in her mind.

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Dr. Pollock attended the University of Missouri in Columbia and obtained her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. Dr. Pollock has one daughter. She is a grandmother of four grandchildren and has twelve cats and two dogs! When she isn’t spending time with family or caring for animals, she loves to go camping.
Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive care.
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Meet Our Team Members

Taylor Veach Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Taylor Veach
Practice Co-Manager

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Taylor joined the receptionist team at Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital in July 2016. Her responsibilities include scheduling appointments and assisting clients and their pets. One of her favorite parts of her role at the hospital is checking in with clients and relaying funny stories to them about their pets.

“The minute you walk into Cobblestone it radiates warmth. It feels awesome when you can tell your friends and family how much you love your job. Playing with puppies and kittens all day never gets old.”

Taylor has a dog, Annie, and two cats, Khaleesi and Violet. She enjoys hiking with her friend Bonnie and their dogs, and kayaking with her family when the weather is just right!

Macy Shayne Michel Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Macy Brink
Practice Co-Manager

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Macy joined the practice in May of 2017. Her loving and caring attitude is one of the first things our patients notice! Her daily activities include greeting clients, answering the phones and making appointments. She loves getting to know clients and patients. She enjoys working at Cobblestone because of the friendly staff, and loves talking to both patients and colleagues about their pets!

In the past, Macy worked at the H.A.Y. Foundation. She loves riding, especially competing in rodeos, and has fifteen horses! She also has five dogs: Gus Gus, Yogi, B, Simba, and Emy; seven barn cats; and many ducks and chickens. When she isn’t riding horses, she enjoys playing guitar and singing.

Shelby Pardoe Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Shelby Pardoe
Veterinary Assistant

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Shelby Pardoe joined our team in August 2013 and already feels like her coworkers are a second family.

“My coworkers are extremely supportive and respectful of everyone,” she says. “Even though we have a professional work environment, there are days that are extremely fun, too.”

Shelby’s responsibilities include answering incoming calls, walking our canine patients and boarders, and cleaning up the hospital after closing.

“I love getting to meet every different animal that comes in to board,” she says. “Every dog and cat has a unique personality that I enjoy learning about.”

Shelby earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, while also minoring in Chemistry and Animal Science, at Missouri State University and is now focused on starting veterinary school.

She enjoys baking, going to the lake, fishing, and tubing.

At home, she has a cat named Felix and a dog named Mollie.

Tiffany Lile Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Tiffany Lile
Veterinary Assistant

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Tiffany has been with Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital since April 1999.

“The compassion and experience of our doctor is second to none,” she says of Dr. Robertson. “The care he gives for all of the animals he sees is unmatchable even if the odds are against him. Who wouldn’t want to work for a person like that?”

Tiffany says her favorite part of the job is “all of it.” This includes assisting our veterinarians, keeping our patients distracted during their examinations, assisting in surgery, drawing blood, running lab work, and conversing with our clients.

At home, Tiffany has two cats (Dagger and Hotdog), two dogs (Kaytee and Banjo), and “a multitude of cows and horses.” She enjoys raising cattle, farming, going to the creek, and spending time with her husband and three sons.

Sarah Kendrick Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Sarah Kendrick
Veterinary Assistant & Receptionist

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Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist Sarah Kendrick has been a member of the Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital team since May 2006.

“Cobblestone has been my one and only job,” she says. “I love working at Cobblestone. My coworkers are awesome and Dr. Paul is a great boss, which makes coming to work easy and enjoyable.”

Sarah is responsible for assisting our veterinarians, answering incoming calls, and helping our clients at the front desk. In addition to seeing everyone’s pets coming through the door, Sarah especially enjoys helping with critical cases. It’s rewarding when both the pet and owner can leave satisfied and on the road to recovery.

Sarah loves to laugh, joke, ride horses, and take her dogs on hikes. She has a Jack Russell named Bucc and a Lab-mix named Marley. She also has three indoor cats (Blackberry, Skittles, and Margaret), two barn cats (Pumpkin and Patches), and three horses (Sugar, Amigo, and Slingshot) and a goat named Kevin!

Lexi Veterinary Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Lexi Solomon
Receptionist & Veterinary Tech

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Lexi joined the Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital team in February 2012. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Missouri State University. She is now attending veterinary school!

At Cobblestone, Lexi is responsible for checking patients in and out, answering incoming calls, walking dogs, and performing toenail trims. She enjoys interacting with the animals more than anything else.

“I enjoy the clients and animals that come in,” she says. “I especially like to see animals go from being very sick to feeling much better and returning to their normal routines at home.”

Lexi has one dog (Sydney), and a cat (Melbourne). She also has a horse named Moose, who she barrel races. She enjoys spending time and hiking with Sydney, trail riding, and traveling.

Christine Van Essen Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Christine Van Essen
Receptionist & Bather

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Christine Van Essen has worked in different veterinary clinics since she was 17 years old, and has been a member of the team at Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital since our opening day in 1997.

“Dr. Robertson is the best I have ever worked for,” she says. “His diagnostics are awesome, he is easy to work for, and he treats every animal that visits us as if it were his own.”

Christine is fun and humorous and thoroughly enjoys talking with our clients and playing with their pets when she gets the chance. Her responsibilities include answering incoming calls, scheduling appointments, educating clients, and giving our canine patients baths.

Christine has two dogs (Cooper and Blue), five cats (Ming Ming, Squatter, Night, Winslow, and Otter) and horses, 35 chickens, two frogs, fish, and guinea pigs! She enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, movies, and family time.

SJ Brogdon Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

SJ Brogdon

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SJ has been with Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital since May 2010. Prior to that, she worked as an office manager for a veterinary clinic in Illinois for three years.

“We have a dedicated staff who loves helping animals and their owners,” she says of Cobblestone. “I am proud to be a part of this team.”

SJ’s duties include ordering items we need, communicating with drug representatives, answering incoming calls, and conversing with our clients and patients. Her favorite part of the job is “helping clients with problems.”

Outside of work, SJ enjoys volunteering with and fostering animals through 4 the Love of K9s and other rescues. She has two cats (Maverick and Puck) and two dogs (Quarter and Fennec). SJ has a 4-year-old daughter named Lainey.

Bonnie Moore Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Bonnie Moore

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Bonnie started as a kennel technician in January 2019 but moved up to reception in December 2019. She’s responsible for checking clients in and out, answering phone calls and client questions, taking messages for the veterinarians, and reviewing pet records from daily appointments entering all important information into the system. Her favorite part of the job is working with the best people. Bonnie brings positive energy and a great sense of humor to the team. She’s currently attending Missouri State University and will graduate in May 2021 with her bachelor’s in Animal Science. Bonnie has two dogs (Hercules and Finn), a cat (Clover), and a goldfish (Mr. Fish). In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with Taylor and their dogs, as well as spending time with friends and family.

Sherry Huber Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Sherry Huber

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Sherry is responsible for checking clients in and out and providing them with a warm welcome. She started in July 2020. She has 3 dogs (Star, Ayla, and Bella), a horse (Joy), and 2 cats (Tink and Spirit). Working in an animal field is something she’s always wanted to do. She believes it’s been a blessing and dream come true to work at Cobblestone Vet, and a privilege to work under such an amazing vet and staff. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, float trips, and going on adventures with Ayla.
Claire Robertson Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Kelsey Masters

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Kelsey is responsible for Setting appointments, as well as greeting clients and patients. She enjoys talking to clients and greeting all of the cats and dogs. She started in May 2021.

She has a 1 year old cat named Jefferey. Kelsey goes to Missouri State University and will graduate in December 2021 with a bachelor’s in animal science.

“I really like working at the veterinary clinic because of the people I work with, who always make it fun and help me learn!”

Kelsey enjoys going to the gym and reading.

Claire Robertson Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Claire Robertson
Lead Kennel Technician

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Claire joined the kennel team at Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital in July 2016. Her responsibilities include cleaning kennels and cuddling dogs, the latter of which she enjoys the most about her position at the hospital.

“Everyone at the hospital is very nice. It feels like one big family,” she says.

Claire studies Biology at Missouri State University.

At home, Claire has a variety of pets: Isaac, a newt; a cat named Otter; a dog named Blue Blue; and several frogs. In her free time, she enjoys taking care of plants, drawing, and spending time with her friends.

Anna Hall Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Kate Thomas
Kennel Technician

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Kate is responsible for cleaning the clinic and taking care of the animals. She loves making sure all the animals are well taken care of. She brings an attention to detail to the clinic. 

Kate enjoys working at the clinic because “Everyone is super friendly and I can tell they really care about animals. I love being able to take care of the animals as if they were my own.”

Kate has a cat named Chad, who is a domestic shorthair. She considers herself a “crazy plant lady”, and hopes to one day own a million plants. She loves spending time outside and experiencing new places.

Olivia Renee Robertson Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Olivia Renee Robertson
Kennel Technician

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Olivia is responsible for caring for cats and dogs who visit the kennel. She brings consistency and hard work to the clinic. She started in Summer 2019 and has been working here a year and a half. She has an American Shorthair cat named Ming Ming. She enjoys working here because, “it gives me a lot of valuable life experience in animal care. It makes me more responsible with everyday tasks. I am happy to work here everyday!”
Julie Graham Cobblestone Veterinary St Nixa MO

Julie Graham

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Julie is responsible for grooming animals. She enjoys seeing the transformation of her animal clients. She’s driven to complete a task no matter how difficult. Julie has worked in animal-related fields for 15 years and has been at Cobblestone for one year. She has one dog (Riley) and two cats (Teddy and Merlin). Julie loves that she can, “work with people who are sharp and quick-witted, fun and responsible. Every team member always has a smile on their face!”
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